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Australian J Rural Health - 2024 - Holloway‐Kew - Emergency presentations for farm‐related injuries in older adults.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2024Emergency presentations for farm-related injuries in older adults residing in south-western Victoria, AustraliaHolloway-Kew, Kara L.; Sajjad, Muhammad A.; Yosef, Tewodros; Kotowicz, Mark A.; Adams, Jessie; Brumby, Susan; Page, Richard S.; Kavanagh, Bianca E.; Brennan-Olsen, Sharon; Williams, Lana J.; Pasco, Julie A.; Baker, Timothy R.; Sutherland, Alasdair G.Journal Article
medRxiv - 2022 - The DNA sequencing and gene-expression profiling assists in making a tissue of origine diagnosis in cancer of unknown primary.pdf.jpgJun-2022DNA sequencing and gene-expression profiling assists in making a tissue of origin diagnosis in cancer of unknown primaryPosner, A.; Prall, Owen W. J.; Sivakumaran, Tharani; Etemadamoghadam, D.; Thio, N.; Pattison, A.; Balachander, S.; Fisher, K.; Webb, S.; Wood, Colin; DeFazio, A.; Wilcken, Nicholas; Gao, Bo; Karapetis, Chris S.; Singh, Madhu; Collins, Ian M.; Richardson, Gary; Steer, Christopher; Warren, Mark; Karanth, Narayan; Wright, G.; Williams, S.; George, J.; Hicks, R. J.; Boussioutas, A.; Gill, A. J.; Solomon, B. J.; Xu, H.; Fellowes, A.; Fox, S. B.; Schofield, Penelope; Bowtell, D.; Mileshkin, Linda; Tothill, Richard W.; Collins, Ian M.Journal Article
Mar-2022Safety and Efficacy of Tenecteplase in Older Patients With Large Vessel Occlusion: A Pooled Analysis of the EXTEND-IA TNK TrialsYogendrakumar, Vignan; Churilov, Leonid; Mitchell, Peter J.; Kleinig, Timothy J.; Yassi, Nawaf; Thijs, Vincent; Wu, Teddy Y.; Shah, Darshan G..; Ng, Felix C.; Dewey, Helen M.; Wijeratne, Tissa; Yan, Bernard; Desmond, Patricia M.; Parsons, Mark W.; Donnan, Geoffrey A.; Davis, Stephen M.; Campbell, Bruce C. V.; EXTEND-IA TNK InvestigatorsJournal Article
Feb-2022Minimal clinically important difference in days at home up to 30 days after surgeryFerguson, M. T.; Kusre, S.; Myles, P. S.; Kusre, SandeepJournal Article
2022Regional Victorian trials alliance: Linkages, Innovation, Special populations, Equity (ReViTALISE) project: Addressing disparity in regional populationsLong, Donna; Collins, Ian M.; Harris, Samuel; Torres, Javier; Faisal, Wasek; Wong, Vanessa; Campbell, David; Lankovic, Kurt; Wright, Tricia; Rachakonda, Krishna; Gibbs, Peter; Krishnasamy, Mei; Philip, Jennifer; Klein, Oliver; Blackberry, Irene; Steer, Christopher; Underhill, Craig R.; Collins, Ian M.Conference Paper
2022Doctors With Borders: The impact of international travel bans on Timorese citizens awaiting cardiac interventionParatz, E.; Wilson, W.; Mock, N.; Marques, D.; Kushwaha, V.; Eggleton, S.; Harries, J.; Flavio, R.; da Silva, S.; dos Santos da Silva, A.; Saramento, J.; de Sousa Maurays, J.; Creati, L.; Horton, A.; Gutman, S.; Barlis, P.; Appelbe, A.; Bayley, Noel; Bayley, NoelConference Paper
2022Achieving equitable access to cancer care and clinical trials in regional Australia: A networked approach to expand capacity and implement COSA teletrials modelUnderhill, Craig; Long, Donna; Collins, Ian M.; Brown, Stephen; Harris, Samuel; Torres, Javier; Campbell, David; Lankovic, Kurt; Shaw, Michelle; Faisal, Wasek; Wright, Tricia; Rachakonda, Krishna; Collins, Ian M.Conference Paper
2022Telemedicine to Timor-Leste: Implementing an International Cardiac Telehealth Service During Population Dislocation, Floods and COVID-19Paratz, E.; Mock, N.; Marques, D.; Wilson, W.; Kushwaha, V.; Eggleton, S.; Harries, J.; da Silva, S.; dos Santos da Silva, A.; Saramento, J.; de Sousa Maurays, J.; Flavio, R.; Horton, A.; Gutman, S.; Creati, L.; Barlis, P.; Appelbe, A.; Bayley, Noel; Bayley, NoelConference Paper
2022CDK4/6 Inhibitors (CKD4/6i) in advanced hormone-receptor-positive (HR+) HER2-negative (HER2-) breast cancer: Prescribing practices and outcomes in a real-world, Australian cohortJavaid, Anadil; Lok, Sheau Wen; Wong, Vanessa; Baron-Hay, Sally; Boyle, Fran; Collins, Ian M.; Cuff, Katharine; De Boer, Richard; Gately, Lucy; Georgiou, Chloe; Greenberg, Sally; Karki, Bhaskar; Nottage, Michelle; Rainey, Natalie; Torres, Javier; Yeo, Belinda; Devitt, Bianca; Gibbs, Peter; Anton, Angelyn; Collins, Ian M.Conference Paper
2022Crescentic immunoglobulin a nephropathy with positive anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies: A rare combinationShan, J.; Kanaan, Z.; Javaid, M. M.; Shan, Jocelyn; Javaid, Muhammad M.Conference Paper