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J of Clinical Oncology - 2024 -Circulating tumor dna analysis informing adjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer.pdf.jpg2024Circulating tumor DNA analysis informing adjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer: The randomized AGITG DYNAMIC-Rectal studyTie, Jeanne; Cohen, Joshua D.; Yuxuan, Wang; Gonzalez Ginestet, Pablo; Wong, Rachel; Shapiro, Jeremy David; Campbell, Rob; Day, Fiona; Aghmesheh, Morteza; Stelios Karapetis, Christos; Popoli, Maria; Dobbyn, Lisa; Ptak, Janine; Silliman, Natalie; Douville, Christopher B.; Papadopoulos, Nickolas; Kinzler, Kenneth W.; Vogelstein, Bert; Gibbs, Peter; Hayes, TheresaConference Paper
10-Nov-2023Linking data from a brain cancer clinical registry (brain) with the state-based registry of births deaths marriages: improving the quality of clinical registry survival dataSmith, Samuel; Drummond, Kate; Dowling, Anthony; Bennett, Iwan; Freilich, Ronnie; Phillips, Claire; Ahern, Elizabeth; Reeves, Simone; Campbell, Robert; Collins, Ian M.; Johns, Julie; Dumas, Megan; Gibbs, Peter; Gately, Lucy; Collins, Ian M.Conference Paper
10-Nov-2023A combined analysis of two randomised studies exploring the impact of extended post-radiation temozolomide on survival outcomes in newly diagnosed glioblastomaGately, Lucy; Mesia, Carlos; Sepulveda, Juan; del Barco, Sonia; Pineda, Estela; Girones, Regina; Fuster, Jose; Hong, Wei; Gill, Sanjeev; Navarro, Luis M.; Herroro, Ana; Dowling, Anthony; De La Penas, Ramon; Vaz, Maria A.; Alonso, Miriam; Lwin, Zarnie; Harrup, Rosemary; Peralta, Sergio; Long, Anne; Perez-Segura, Pedro; Ahern, Elizabeth; Olier Garate, Clara; Wong, Mark; Campbell, Robert; Cuff, Katharine; Jennes, Ross; Gallego, Oscar; Underhill, Craig; Martinez-Garcia, Maria; Covela, Marta; Cooper, Adam; Brown, Stephen; Rosenthal, Mark; Torres, Javier; Collins, Ian M.; Gibbs, Peter; Balana, Carmen; Collins, Ian M.Conference Paper
31-May-2023Real world evidence of systemic therapy in hormone receptor positive advanced breast cancer (HR+ ABC) in Australia: ARORA Registry.Wen Lok, Sheau; Tung, Iris; Anton, Angelyn; Baron-Hay, Sally E.; De Boer, Richard H.; Boyle, Frances M.; Collins, Ian M.; Cuff, Katharine; Gately, Lucy; Georgiou, Chloe L.; Greenberg, Sally; Bhaskar, Karki; Nott, Louise M.; Nottage, Michelle K.; Rainey, Natalie; Torres, Javier; Yeo, Belinda Jane; Gibbs, Peter; Wong, Vanessa; Collins, Ian M.Conference Paper
25-May-2023Rural and remote access to voluntary assisted dying in Victoria: Considerations for the 2023 parlimentary review.Pratt, ImogenConference Paper
25-May-2023Working Towards a Better Healthcare Experience for People with Hidden Disabilities: Co-Designing Hospital Improvements to Enhance Patient ExperienceNailon, Claire; Benson, Rusty; Zygier, Tully; Jones, Samantha; Seedat, Nadeera; Ahuja, Muskaan; North, Anne; Lenehan, Kristen; Standen, Janine; Roberts, Karen; Nailon, Claire; North, Anne; Lenehan, KristenConference Paper
SWH Research Day Program.pdf.jpg25-May-2023South West Healthcare Research Day 2023 - ProgramDamman, Leah; Gilbert, Andrew; Keane, Hayley; Obst, Hannah-Lee; Johnstone, Brett; Beks, Hannah; Wines, Courtney; Greenstock, Louise; Jones, Denise; Clayden, Suzanne; O'Keefe, Sophie; Damman, Leah; Gilbert, Andrew; Keane, Hayley; Obst, Hannah-Lee; Johnstone, Brett; Wines, Courtney; Greenstock, Louise; Jones, Denise; Clayden, SuzanneConference Paper
25-May-2023Building research in rural health services: an essential step towards improving rural and regional health’Alston, LauraConference Paper
25-May-2023Generation Victoria (GenV): Prediction, prevention and treatment with greater speed and precision.Wark, Jessica; Sagnol, Julie; Sagnol, JulieConference Paper
2022Doctors With Borders: The impact of international travel bans on Timorese citizens awaiting cardiac interventionParatz, E.; Wilson, W.; Mock, N.; Marques, D.; Kushwaha, V.; Eggleton, S.; Harries, J.; Flavio, R.; da Silva, S.; dos Santos da Silva, A.; Saramento, J.; de Sousa Maurays, J.; Creati, L.; Horton, A.; Gutman, S.; Barlis, P.; Appelbe, A.; Bayley, Noel; Bayley, NoelConference Paper