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medRxiv - 2022 - The DNA sequencing and gene-expression profiling assists in making a tissue of origine diagnosis in cancer of unknown primary.pdf.jpgJun-2022DNA sequencing and gene-expression profiling assists in making a tissue of origin diagnosis in cancer of unknown primaryPosner, A.; Prall, Owen W. J.; Sivakumaran, Tharani; Etemadamoghadam, D.; Thio, N.; Pattison, A.; Balachander, S.; Fisher, K.; Webb, S.; Wood, Colin; DeFazio, A.; Wilcken, Nicholas; Gao, Bo; Karapetis, Chris S.; Singh, Madhu; Collins, Ian M.; Richardson, Gary; Steer, Christopher; Warren, Mark; Karanth, Narayan; Wright, G.; Williams, S.; George, J.; Hicks, R. J.; Boussioutas, A.; Gill, A. J.; Solomon, B. J.; Xu, H.; Fellowes, A.; Fox, S. B.; Schofield, Penelope; Bowtell, D.; Mileshkin, Linda; Tothill, Richard W.; Collins, Ian M.Journal Article
2022Achieving equitable access to cancer care and clinical trials in regional Australia: A networked approach to expand capacity and implement COSA teletrials modelUnderhill, Craig; Long, Donna; Collins, Ian M.; Brown, Stephen; Harris, Samuel; Torres, Javier; Campbell, David; Lankovic, Kurt; Shaw, Michelle; Faisal, Wasek; Wright, Tricia; Rachakonda, Krishna; Collins, Ian M.Conference Paper
2022Solving unknown primary cancer - Earlier diagnosis (SUPER-ED): A stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial implementing a Model of Care to support earlier diagnosisSchofield, Penelope; Ugalde, Anna; Tothill, Richard; Quinn, Steve; Wong, Hui Li; Prall, Owen; Mitchell, Catherine; Wickramasinghe, Nilmini; Fedele, Clare; Gordon, Louisa; McLean, Sarah; Bryant, Cindy; Ko, Hyun; Akhurst, Tim; Wood, Colin; Yip, Desmond; Steer, Christopher; Gao, Bo; Wilcken, Nicholas; Karanth, Narayan; Kuchel, Anna; Karapetis, Chris S.; Nott, Louise; Padinharakam, Shamsudheen; Collins, Ian M.; Singh, Madhu; Shackleton, Mark; Warren, Mark; Wong, Rachel; Wong, Zee Wan; Richards, Natalie; Todio, Elizabeth; Butler, Alexis; Sivakumaran, Tharani; Mileshkin, Linda; Collins, Ian M.Conference Paper
2021P48.14 RESILIENT Part 2: A phase 3 Study of Liposomal Irinotecan in Patients with Small-Cell Lung Cancer in the Second-Line SettingPaz-Ares, Luis; Spigel, David R.; Chen, Yuanbin; Jove, Maria; Juan-Vidal, Oscar; Rich, Patricia; Hayes, Theresa; Calderon, Vanesa Gutierrez; Caro, Reyes Bernabe; Mendivil, A. N.; Dowlati, Afshin; Zhang, Bin; Moore, Yan; Wang, Tiffany; Kokhreidze, Jaba; Ponce, Santiago; Bunn, Paul; Hayes, Theresa M.Conference Paper
2021Improving regional access to clinical trials and implementation of COSA teletrials model by a networked approach: Regional Trials Network VictoriaUnderhill, Craig R.; Long, Donna; Collins, Ian M.; Brown, Stephen; Harris, Samuel J.; Torres, Javier; Campbell, Philip; Campbell, David; Lankovic, Kurt; Tuthill, Fiona; Collins, Ian M.Conference Paper
2019The Epidemiology of Joint Replacements Across Western Victoria, Australia: a Cross-sectional StudyHolloway-Kew, K. L.; Sajjad, M. A.; Kotowicz, M. A.; Graves, S.; Cuthbert, A.; Livingston, P. M.; Khasraw, M.; Hakkennes, S.; Dunning, T. L.; Brumby, S.; Page, R. S.; Sutherland, Alasdair G.; Brennan-Olsen, S. L.; Williams, L. J.; Pasco, J. A.; Sutherland, Alasdair G.Journal Article
2019Management of neuroendocrine tumours in metropolitan and regional South West VictoriaDean, Samantha L.; Hayes, Theresa; Rogers, Margaret J.; Versace, Vincent; Collins, Ian M.; Collins, Ian M.; Hayes, Theresa M.; Dean, Samantha L.Conference Paper
2017Renal supportive care: Current experiences in victoriaDucharlet, K.; Philip, Jennifer; Weil, J.; Barraclough, N.; Somerville, C.; McClelland, P.; Beavis, J.; Gock, H.; Barraclough, N.Journal Article
2016Realising the Value of Linked Data to Health Economic Analyses of Cancer Care: A Case Study of Cancer 2015Lorgelly, P. K.; Doble, B.; Knott, R. J.; Thomas, D. M.; Fox, S. B.; Thorne, H.; Parisot, J. P.; Doig, K.; Fellowes, A.; Dobrovic, A.; James, P. A.; Lipton, L.; Ashley, D.; Hayes, Theresa; McMurrick, P.; Richardson, Gary; Lucas, M.; McNeil, J. J.; John, T.; Hayes, Theresa M.Journal Article
2014A new hand enhances life for quadruple amputee: A single case studyAnjou, K.; Gibbs, J.; Purtell, D.; Morrison, W.Journal Article