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Feb-2022Minimal clinically important difference in days at home up to 30 days after surgeryFerguson, M. T.; Kusre, S.; Myles, P. S.; Kusre, SandeepJournal Article
2021The influence of patient resilience and health status on satisfaction after total hip and knee arthroplastyLynskey, Samuel J.; Ling, Ferraby; Greenberg, Alana M.; Penny-Dimri, Jahan C.; Sutherland, Alasdair G.; Sutherland, Alasdair G.Journal Article
JCBFM - 2021 - Association between pre-treatment perfusion profile and cerebral edema after reperfusion therapies.pdf.jpg2021Association between pre-treatment perfusion profile and cerebral edema after reperfusion therapies in ischemic strokeNg, Felix C; Churilov, Leonid; Yassi, Nawaf; Kleinig, Timothy J; Thijs, Vincent; Wu, Teddy Y; Shah, Darshan; Dewey, Helen M; Sharma, Gagan; Desmond, Patricia M; Yan, Bernard; Parsons, Mark W; Donnan, Geoffrey A; Davis, Stephen M; Mitchell, Peter J; Campbell, Bruce C. V.Journal Article
2021Tenecteplase vs Alteplase Before Endovascular Therapy in Basilar Artery OcclusionAlemseged, Fana; Ng, Felix C.; Williams, Cameron; Puetz, Volker; Boulouis, G.; Kleinig, Timothy J.; Rocco, Alessandro; Wu, Teddy Y.; Shah, Darshan; Arba, Francesco; Kaiser, Daniel; Di Giuliano, Francesca; Morotti, Andrea; Sallustio, Fabrizio; Dewey, Helen M.; Bailey, Peter; O'Brien, Bill; Sharma, Gagan; Bush, Steven; Dowling, Richard; Diomedi, Marina; Churilov, Leonid; Yan, Bernard; Parsons, Mark W.; Davis, Stephen M.; Mitchell, Peter J.; Yassi, Nawaf; Campbell, Bruce C. V.; group, Batman study; group, EXTEND IA TNK studyJournal Article
2020The epidemiology of emergency presentations for falls from height across Western Victoria, AustraliaHolloway-Kew, Kara L.; Baker, Tim; Sajjad, Muhammad A.; Kotowicz, Mark A.; Livingston, Patricia M.; Khasraw, Mustafa; Hakkennes, Sharon; Dunning, Trisha L.; Brumby, Susan; Page, Richard S.; Sutherland, Alasdair G.; Brennan-Olsen, Sharon L.; Williams, Lana J.; Pasco, Julie A.; Baker, Tim; Sutherland, Alasdair G.Journal Article
2020Effect of Intravenous Tenecteplase Dose on Cerebral Reperfusion Before Thrombectomy in Patients With Large Vessel Occlusion Ischemic Stroke: The EXTEND-IA TNK Part 2 Randomized Clinical TrialCampbell, Bruce C. V.; Mitchell, Peter J.; Churilov, Leonid; Yassi, Nawaf; Kleinig, Timothy J.; Dowling, Richard J.; Yan, Bernard; Bush, Steven J.; Thijs, Vincent; Scroop, Rebecca; Simpson, Marion; Brooks, Mark; Asadi, Hamed; Wu, Teddy Y.; Shah, Darshan G.; Wijeratne, Tissa; Zhao, Henry; Alemseged, Fana; Ng, Felix; Bailey, Peter; Rice, Henry; de Villiers, Laetitia; Dewey, Helen M.; Choi, Philip M. C.; Brown, Helen; Redmond, Kendal; Leggett, David; Fink, John N.; Collecutt, Wayne; Kraemer, Thomas; Krause, Martin; Cordato, Dennis; Field, Deborah; Ma, Henry; O'Brien, Bill; Clissold, Benjamin; Miteff, Ferdinand; Clissold, Anna; Cloud, Geoffrey C.; Bolitho, Leslie E.; Bonavia, Luke; Bhattacharya, Arup; Wright, Alistair; Mamun, Abul; O'Rourke, Fintan; Worthington, John; Wong, Andrew A.; Levi, Christopher R.; Bladin, Christopher F.; Sharma, Gagan; Desmond, Patricia M.; Parsons, Mark W.; Donnan, Geoffrey A.; Davis, Stephen M.; Clissold, AnnaJournal Article
2019Have you SCAND MMe Please? A framework to prevent harm during acute hospitalisation of older persons: A retrospective auditRedley, Bernice; Baker, Tim; Baker, TimJournal Article
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders - 2019 - Revision joint replacement surgeries of the hip and knee across geographic region and socioeconomic status in the western region of Victoria a cross-sectional multil.pdf.jpg2019Revision joint replacement surgeries of the hip and knee across geographic region and socioeconomic status in the western region of Victoria: a cross-sectional multilevel analysis of registry dataVogrin, Sara; Brennan-Olsen, Sharon L.; Sutherland, Alasdair G.; Brumby, Susan; Dunning, Trisha L.; Hakkennes, Sharon; Khasraw, Mustafa; Livingston, Patricia M.; Kotowicz, Mark A.; Sajjad, M. Amber; Page, Richard S.; Holloway-Kew, Kara L.; Graves, Stephen; Pasco, Julie A.; Williams, Lana J.; Kelly, Thu-Lan; Green, Darci; Talevski, Jason; Sutherland, Alasdair G.Journal Article
2019Management of neuroendocrine tumours in metropolitan and regional South West VictoriaDean, Samantha L.; Hayes, Theresa; Rogers, Margaret J.; Versace, Vincent; Collins, Ian M.; Collins, Ian M.; Hayes, Theresa M.; Dean, Samantha L.Conference Paper
2019Consumer and clinician perspectives on personalising breast cancer prevention informationKeogh, L. A.; Steel, E.; Weideman, P.; Butow, P.; Collins, Ian M.; Emery, J. D.; Mann, G. B.; Bickerstaffe, A.; Trainer, A. H.; Hopper, L. J.; Phillips, K. A.; Collins, Ian M.Journal Article