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Journal Title: Solving unknown primary cancer - Earlier diagnosis (SUPER-ED): A stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial implementing a Model of Care to support earlier diagnosis
49th Annual Meeting of the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia, COSA's 2022. Brisbane, QLD Australia.
Authors: Schofield, Penelope
Ugalde, Anna
Tothill, Richard
Quinn, Steve
Wong, Hui Li
Prall, Owen
Mitchell, Catherine
Wickramasinghe, Nilmini
Fedele, Clare
Gordon, Louisa
McLean, Sarah
Bryant, Cindy
Ko, Hyun
Akhurst, Tim
Wood, Colin
Yip, Desmond
Steer, Christopher
Gao, Bo
Wilcken, Nicholas
Karanth, Narayan
Kuchel, Anna
Karapetis, Chris S.
Nott, Louise
Padinharakam, Shamsudheen
Collins, Ian M.
Singh, Madhu
Shackleton, Mark
Warren, Mark
Wong, Rachel
Wong, Zee Wan
Richards, Natalie
Todio, Elizabeth
Butler, Alexis
Sivakumaran, Tharani
Mileshkin, Linda
SWH Author: Collins, Ian M.
Keywords: Adoption
Conference Abstract
Controlled Study
Feasibility Study
Health Service
Major Clinical Study
Mental Health
Primary Tumor
Randomized Controlled Trial
Issue Date: 2022
Date Accessioned: 2023-04-12T02:09:57Z
Date Available: 2023-04-12T02:09:57Z
Description Affiliation: P. Schofield, Swinburne University, Hawthorn, VIC, Australia
Format Startpage: 143-144
Source Volume: 18
Issue Number: Supplement 3
Date: 2022
Abstract: Background and Aims: Cancer of unknown primary encompasses a diverse range of cancer types, whereby a metastatic lesion(s) is identified but a primary tumour evades clinical detection. Not all patients with cancer of unknown primary in Australia receive a standardised workup and this may lead to prolonged time to diagnosis and poor patient experience. This trial, titled Solving Unknown Primary Cancer - Earlier Diagnosis (SUPER-ED), aims to (1) standardise aModel of Care that adopts a standardised diagnostic workup adapted from the Optimal Care Pathways, with an embedded care coordinator, access to a virtual, national multidisciplinary meeting and an educational website and (2) implement this newModel of Care across a network of oncology services. This trial is funded from theMedical Research Future Fund. Method(s): This is a stepped-wedge cluster randomised trial comparing a control phase (standard practice) with an intervention phase. Fifteen sites will be grouped into three health service clusters. People who presentwith a malignancy of unknown origin, are over 18, are clinically appropriate to undergo diagnostic workup and able to consent will be eligible to participate. A total of 288 patients will be enrolled. The intervention is the new Model of Care and the primary endpoint is the time to completion of minimum diagnostic workup. Secondary endpoints include: the primary tumour type diagnosed, clinical trial participation rates, patient-reported physical, social and mental health, uncertainty and understanding. The implementation of the Model of Care will be assessed for acceptability, adoption, feasibility and fidelity through semi-structured clinician interviews, engagement with the nurse coordinator, diagnostic workup and website analytics.
Journal Title: Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology
Type: Conference Paper
Conference Name: 49th Annual Meeting of the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia, COSA's 2022.
Conference Location: Brisbane, QLD Australia.
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