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Journal Title: Victorian comprehensive cancer centre alliance- Fast track innovations in regions with poor outcomes program: Addressing geographical, cultural and rare cancer disparity
49th Annual Meeting of the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia, COSA's 2022. Brisbane, QLD Australia.
Authors: Burbury, K.
Collins, Ian M.
Corcoran, N.
Rowan, C.
Swiatek, D.
Blum, R.
Packer, C.
Freeman, J.
Buzza, M.
Barrett, M.
Long, Donna
Wiesenfeld, D.
Ermel, S.
Faisal, Wasek
Sahu, Arvind
Georgiou, C.
Shackleton, Mark
Underhill, C.
SWH Author: Collins, Ian M.
Keywords: Awareness
Cancer Center
Cancer Size
Conference Abstract
Health Equity
Human Experiment
Outcome Assessment
Issue Date: 2022
Date Accessioned: 2023-04-12T02:10:03Z
Date Available: 2023-04-12T02:10:03Z
Description Affiliation: K. Burbury, PeterMacCallum Cancer Centre, Parkville, VIC, Australia
Format Startpage: 87
Source Volume: 18
Issue Number: Supplement 3
Database: Embase
Date: 2022
Abstract: Aims: People with cancer living in regional and rural Victoria experience several disadvantages compared to those living in Melbourne, including a lower survival rate (65% compared to 69% in metropolitan areas) and geographical barriers to clinical trial access. The Victorian ComprehensiveCancerCentre (VCCC) Alliance Fast Track Innovations in Regions with Poor Outcomes Program, was developed to address geographical, cultural and rare cancer disparities. Method(s): This program is funded by the Victorian State Government within the VCCC Alliance 2021-2024 strategic research plan, which aims to systematically address complex issues and challenges to improve outcomes for people affected by cancer. The design and implementation of the program embeds input from metropolitan and regional experts. There are strong elements of meaningful consumer input, gender and regional equity in participation and engagement across the program. Three main projects comprise the programof work: Teletrials (TT) - increasing the number of TT clusters, streamlining regulatory processes (in collaboration with the Victorian Teletrials Consortium) and increasing capability and awareness of TT through education, training and advocacy. Regional Partnerships - establishing formal partnerships between the VCCC Alliance and regional health services and addressing connection, educational and training needs and clinical trial recruitment in the regions. Improving Outcomes in Less Common Cancers - development of a low volume cancer framework underpinned by a virtual network. Result(s): Partnerships and collaborations have been established across the state including Trials Hub Alfred, Regional Trials Hub Victoria and the VCCC Alliance health equity program. Early outputs of these health services projectswill be shared and could be utilized by health services and cancer networks elsewhere. Conclusion(s): The VCCC Alliance Fast Track Innovations in Regions with Poor Outcomes Program is driving improvements in addressing geographical, cultural, and rare cancer disparity in Victoria.
Journal Title: Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology
Type: Conference Paper
Conference Name: 49th Annual Meeting of the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia, COSA's 2022.
Conference Location: Brisbane, QLD Australia.
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