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Journal Title: Using DSpace to create a repository for the communication of clinical trials and research with consumers
Authors: Obst, Hannah-Lee
SWH Author: Obst, Hannah-Lee
Keywords: DSpace
Issue Date: 21-Dec-2023
Date Accessioned: 2024-01-02T01:18:43Z
Date Available: 2024-01-02T01:18:43Z
Accession Number: 174
Description Affiliation: South West Healthcare
Format Startpage: 26
Source Volume: 4
Issue Number: 3
Abstract: The Library, with support from the Research Office, created a digital repository using the DSpace platform. A digital repository provides staff with an effective means of disseminating their research findings, including open access publications. DSpace is an open-source digital repository that provides users with the ability to capture, store, and share a wide variety of digital content.
Journal Title: Journal of Health Information and Libraries Australasia
Type: Journal Article
Appears in Collections:SWH Staff Publications

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