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Journal Title: Telehealth in oncology: a cost analysis to evaluate the financial impact of implementing regional trial hubs within a phase 3 cancer clinical trial
Authors: Alexander, Marliese
Collins, Ian, M.
Abraham, Patrick
Underhill, Craig
Harris, Sam
Torres, Javier
Sharma, Sharad
Solomon, Benjamin
Tran-Duy, An
Burbury, Kate
SWH Author: Collins, Ian, M.
Keywords: Telehealth
Issue Date: 21-Dec-2023
Publisher: Wiley
Date Accessioned: 2024-01-02T04:46:20Z
Date Available: 2024-01-02T04:46:20Z
Accession Number: 16292
Source Volume: 53
Issue Number: 12
Abstract: This cost analysis, from a societal perspective, compared the cost difference of a networked teletrial model (NTTM) with four regional hubs versus conventional trial operation at a single metropolitan specialist centre. The Australian phase 3 cancer interventional randomised controlled trial included 152 of 328 regional participants (patient enrolment 2018–2021; 6-month primary end point). The NTTM significantly reduced (AU$2155 per patient) patient travel cost and time and lost productivity.
Journal Title: Internal Medicine Journal
Type: Journal Article
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