The SWH Digital Repository is an open access, institutional repository that exhibits and holds a record of the research output, historical archive, and official documentation of the South West Healthcare community. South West Healthcare is committed to providing a comprehensive range of healthcare services to enhance the quality of life for people in South West Victoria.


Recent submissions

Title/Author/Citation Type of publication
Low-value health care, de-implementation, and implications for nursing research: A discussion paper
Beks, H,Clayden, S,Wong Shee, A et al.
Journal Article
Gender differences in female and male Australian football concussion injury: A prospective observational study of emergency department presentations
Stella, Julian,Gill, Stephen,Lowry, Nicole et al.
Journal Article
233P Real-world first-line (1L) treatment selection for Australian patients (pts) with hormone receptor-positive advanced breast cancer (HR+ ABC)
Wong, V.,Baron-Hay, S.E.,De Boer, R.H. et al.
Conference Paper
Exploring management and outcomes of elderly patients with glioblastoma using data from two randomised trials (GEINO1401/EX-TEM)
Gately, Lucy,Mesia, C.,SepĂșlveda, J. M. et al.
Journal Article
Emergency presentations for farm-related injuries in older adults residing in south-western Victoria, Australia
Holloway-Kew, Kara L.,Baker, Timothy R.,Sajjad, Muhammad A. et al.
Journal Article
Translating policy into practice by engaging older persons and their carers as co-researchers
Beks, Hannah,Clayden, Suzie,West, Emma et al.
Call for the development and use of nurse practitioner sensitive outcome measures
Driscoll, Andrea,Clayden, Suzie,Lowe, Grainne et al.
Journal Article
Fluid handling by foam wound dressings: From engineering theory to advanced laboratory performance evaluations
Gefen, Amit,Alves, Paulo,Beeckman, Dimitri et al.
Journal Article
Causes for 30-day readmissions and accuracy of the LACE index in regional Victoria, Australia
Dreyer, Reinhardt,Gome, James, J..
Journal Article
Circulating tumor DNA analysis informing adjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer: The randomized AGITG DYNAMIC-Rectal study
Tie, Jeanne,Cohen, Joshua D.,Yuxuan, Wang et al.
Conference Paper