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1-Aug-2024Low-value health care, de-implementation, and implications for nursing research: A discussion paperBeks, H; Clayden, S; Wong Shee, A; Manias, E; Versace, V.L; Beauchamp, A; McNamara, K.P; Alston, L; Clayden, SuzanneJournal Article
12-Jul-2024Implementation of hospital electronic medical record Patient Friendly Medication Lists and Interim Medication Administration ChartsWembridge, Paul; Rashed, Saly; Monypenny, Nick; Wembridge, PaulJournal Article
smith-et-al-2024-improving-clinical-registry-data-quality-via-linkage-with-survival-data-from-state-based-population.pdf.jpg26-Jun-2024Improving Clinical Registry Data Quality via Linkage With Survival Data From State-Based Population RegistriesSmith, Samuel; Drummond, Kate; Dowling, Anthony; Bennett, Iwan; Campbell, David; Freilich, Ronnie; Philips, Claire; Ahern, Elizabeth; Reeves, Simone; Campbell, Robert; Collins, Ian M.; Johns, Julie; Dumas, Megan; Hong, Wei; Gibbs, Peter; Gately, Lucy; Collins, Ian M.Journal Article
Emerg Medicine Australasia - 2024 - Stella - Gender differences in female and male Australian football concussion injury  A.pdf.jpg27-May-2024Gender differences in female and male Australian football concussion injury: A prospective observational study of emergency department presentationsStella, Julian; Gill, Stephen; Lowry, Nicole; Reade, Tom; Baker, Tim; Kloot, Kate; Hayden, Georgina; Ryan, Matthew; Seward, Hugh; Page, Richard S.; Baker, TimJournal Article
17-Apr-2024Exploring management and outcomes of elderly patients with glioblastoma using data from two randomised trials (GEINO1401/EX-TEM)Gately, Lucy; Mesia, C.; Sepúlveda, J. M.; del Barco, S.; Pineda, E.; Gironés, R.; Fuster, J.; Dumas, M.; Gill, S.; Navarro, L. M.; Herrero, A.; Dowling, A.; de las Peñas, R.; Vaz, M. A.; Alfonso, M.; Lwin, Z.; Harrup, R.; Peralta, S.; Long, A.; Perez-Segura, P.; Ahern, E.; Garate, C. O.; Wong, M.; Campbell, R.; Cuff, K.; Jennens, R.; Gallego, O.; Underhill, C.; Martinez-Garcia, M.; Covela, M.; Cooper, A.; Brown, S.; Rosenthal, M.; Torres, J.; Gibbs, P.; Balana, C.; Collins, IanJournal Article
Australian J Rural Health - 2024 - Holloway‐Kew - Emergency presentations for farm‐related injuries in older adults.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2024Emergency presentations for farm-related injuries in older adults residing in south-western Victoria, AustraliaHolloway-Kew, Kara L.; Baker, Timothy R.; Sajjad, Muhammad A.; Yosef, Tewodros; Kotowicz, Mark A.; Adams, Jessie; Brumby, Susan; Page, Richard S.; Sutherland, Alasdair G.; Kavanagh, Bianca E.; Brennan-Olsen, Sharon; Williams, Lana J.; Pasco, Julie A.; Baker, Timothy R.; Sutherland, Alasdair G.Journal Article
Driscoll(2024).pdf.jpg2-Feb-2024Call for the development and use of nurse practitioner sensitive outcome measuresDriscoll, Andrea; Clayden, Suzie; Lowe, Grainne; Clayden, SuzieJournal Article
International Wound Journal - 2024 - Gefen - Fluid handling by foam wound dressings  From engineering theory to advanced.pdf.jpg3-Jan-2024Fluid handling by foam wound dressings: From engineering theory to advanced laboratory performance evaluationsGefen, Amit; Alves, Paulo; Beeckman, Dimitri; Cullen, Breda; Lazaro-Martinez, Jose; Lev-Tov, Hadar; Santamaria, Nick; Woo, Kevin; Soderstrom, Bengt; Svensby, Anna; Malone, Matthew; Nygren, Erik; Swanson, TerryJournal Article
Internal Medicine Journal - 2024 - Dreyer - Causes for 30‐day readmissions and accuracy of the LACE index in regional.pdf.jpg2-Jan-2024Causes for 30-day readmissions and accuracy of the LACE index in regional Victoria, AustraliaDreyer, Reinhardt; Gome, James, J.; Dreyer, Reinhardt; Gome, James, J.Journal Article
The Int J of Lower Extremety Wounds - 2024 - M.O.I.S.T. Concept for the Local Therapy of Chronic Wounds An International Update.pdf.jpg2024M.O.I.S.T. Concept for the Local Therapy of Chronic: Wounds An International UpdateDissemond, Joachim; Chadwick, Paul; Weir, Dot; Alves, Paulo; Isoherranen, Kirsi; Lazaro Martinez, Jose Luis; Gledhill, Andrea; Malone, Matthew; Swanson, TerryJournal Article